User Agreement

With this User Agreement (“Agreement”) and its principles; It is aimed to provide the services detailed in the website with extension, to mediate the sale of event tickets and to specify the necessary issues and other principles in accordance with Article 3 of the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce. In this context, you can find all the issues and regulations that the relevant laws and other legislation provisions require to be complied with on the website with the extension

1. Definitions :; SporBilet's website,
SportsTicket; Service provider that provides brokerage services within the scope of "Electronic Commerce Marketplace" on the website with the extension, User; The person who benefits from the services mediated by SporBilet or buys a Ticket, within the terms and conditions of the website with the extension, Service; Ticket purchase process for the events to be held by the Organizer on the User's website with the extension, Sides; SporBilet and User,
Organizer; the real or legal person(s) who will organize the event, organizing events for the Event on the website when necessary, Activity; Any activity to be carried out within the framework of entertainment, recreation or social activity, the content and time of which will be determined by the Organizer, Ticket; The document(s) purchased by the User and enabling participation in the events to be held by the Organizer on the website with the extension, Service Fee; Apart from the ticket price to be put on sale for the events to be organized by the Organizer, the fee to be collected in return for the service provided by SporBilet, means.

2. General Principles :

By accessing SporBilet via the website with the extension, the User;
2.1.He has read all the issues and principles on the website, has knowledge, accepts the contents,
2.2.The conditions specified or to be specified by the Organizer for the Event will be complied with,
2.3.Tickets purchased on the website; It adheres to the principles regulated in the "Distance Contracts" and "Distance Contracts Regulation" in Article 48 of the Law on the Protection of the Consumer No. 6502,
2.4.In the clause (1-g) of Article 15 of the “Distance Contracts Regulation”, “Accommodation, goods transport, car rental, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised pursuant to the regulation on the "contracts for the supply of food and beverage and the use of leisure time for entertainment or recreation",
2.5.Before confirming this Agreement and purchasing the Ticket, you have read and accepted the conditions on the website, the privacy and security policies, the clarification text about the protection of personal data and the preliminary information. that you do,
2.6.The data required to be entered for the ticket purchase process on the website with the extension will be collected, processed, recorded and disclosed within the scope of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698. consent/consent is given,
2.7.SporBilet's responsibility is limited to mediating the Ticket to be sold for the event; SporBilet has no commitment for the Event, has no relation with the provider or organization, the Event will/will be provided by the Organizer, therefore SporBilet has/will not have any responsibility other than its intermediary activity,
2.8.It will comply with the conditions and regulations signed or agreed between SporBilet and the Organizer, that it will be deemed to have accepted, that the announcements and conditions to be published on the website by the Organizer for the event will be complied with,
2.9.The Event content is entirely provided by the Organizers and therefore the Organizer will be responsible for all information, content, Ticket price, rights and obligations related to the Event, accepted and committed.

Rights and Obligations of the 3rd Parties, Terms of Contract:

3.1.SportsTicket; Within the framework of the agreement made/will be made with the Organizer, he will also receive a Service Fee for each ticket sale. The ticket price and the number of Tickets to be sold to a User will be determined by the Organizer.
3.2.User; It will not be able to sell the Ticket purchased for the event to third parties for commercial purposes without the written approval of the Organizer. Likewise, the User may use the extension website for commercial purposes or the use of SporBilet on social media without written will not be able to use it in its activities.
3.3.SportsTicket; It will fulfill its obligations under this Agreement and will immediately provide the User's security measures, especially regarding payment.
3.4.Organizer's and/or SporBilet's; The right to unilaterally cancel the Ticket in case of any irregularities in ticket purchase or non-compliance with the conditions, are reserved. In this case, the Service Fee received by SporBilet cannot be refunded, and the Organizer will determine whether the ticket price will be paid to the User in accordance with the conditions determined by the Organizer, and no right or claim can be claimed against SporBilet in this regard.
3.5.In case the User creates a membership to the website with the extension; He will also be personally responsible for all kinds of transactions he will make on the website through membership and for the use of passwords and correct entry of personal information. He will not be able to make someone else use the website he will log in as a member by sharing personal information and password. Otherwise, SporBilet reserves the right to unilaterally cancel.
3.6.In case the ticket price is updated and increased by the organizer or it is reduced with the campaign, no right or claim can be claimed against SporBilet.
3.7.The Service Fee cannot be refunded to the User in case the Event is canceled or postponed for any reason by the Organizer due to the cancellation, postponement or force majeure. The User accepts and undertakes that no demand can be made from SporBilet. In these cases, the ticket price can be refunded under the conditions to be determined by the Organizer. In cases such as event cancellation or postponement, the necessary announcement will be made by SporBilet as soon as possible.
3.8.As stated in the general principles above, it is not possible to exercise the right of withdrawal due to the refund or change of the sold Ticket. Ticket not used on the date of the event automatically becomes invalid and cannot be claimed.
3.9.All conditions and arrangements related to the event will be made by the Organizer, so whether the User is allowed in the Event area, determination of entry and exit times, public safety during the event, non-compliance with the rules etc. The initiative, such as being taken out for reasons, belongs entirely to the Organizer.
3.10.In case of force majeure events (epidemic disease, disaster, earthquake, adverse weather conditions, strike) , war, terrorist acts, all kinds of administrative and technical problems that prevent the event from being held, etc.) the principles in the above article 3.7. shall apply. will not be liable. However, SporBilet will immediately contact the Organizer and ensure that the necessary explanation is made as soon as possible.
3.11.All intellectual property rights on the website belong to SporBilet. All photos, videos, texts, etc. on the website. It cannot be copied, shared, reproduced or sold in any way without the written consent of SporBilet.
3.12.SportsTicket; It will be able to send all kinds of announcements, advertisements, e-mail, commercial messages for promotion within the scope of the contract or related to the Event. However, if the User rejects this situation, SporBilet will immediately take the necessary measures.
3.13.The provisions of this Agreement may be changed by SporBilet if necessary, but in this case the rights and obligations of the Parties prior to the change date will be preserved.
3.14.The right of unilateral termination of the Parties is reserved in case of violation of the provisions of this Agreement or any activity that may harm the other party. If the User wishes to terminate the Agreement without giving any reason, he must notify SporBilet in writing (e-mail, fax, petition).
3.15.User; In addition to using the extension website in accordance with the general rules, it will use it away from any harmful action.
3.16.User; will be able to use the contact information on the website for any questions, complaints and information, and send an e-mail to .

4.Dispute Resolution :

4.1.In case of conflict between the parties; Contracts and other information approved by e-mail, fax, website and other information will be counted within the scope of the evidential contract regulated in Article 193 of the Civil Procedure Law No. 6100.
4.2.In case of conflict, Turkish Law will be applied, and Istanbul Courts will be authorized if necessary conditions exist.

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