Explicit Consent Approval

I, my heirs, managers, personal and legal representation on my behalf, who have entered personal information on sporbilet.com I declare that the organizers, persons in charge of the organization, sponsors and representatives of the organization will not be held responsible for any death, disability and damage that may occur to me during the activities before and after the event that I have stated on the SITE on behalf of my participants, and that all kinds of responsibility belong to me; I consent to the sharing of all kinds of photographs, films and recordings, including advertisements, taken by the Sports Ticket and Organizer for legal purposes, and to use them for legal purposes. I do. Sharing my contact information, information content, offering advantages, sales, marketing, etc. for the purpose of sending all kinds of communication messages; to be stored, used and for the same purposes; It is shared with all other affiliates within the Argos Group of Companies and the Organizer, and unless I specify otherwise, SMS, e-mail, internet, letter, telephone, etc. I allow me to be accessed through channels. "Registered Competitor Lists", limited to name, surname, nationality, age group and gender, on the websites of Spor Bilet and the Organizer regarding the event in question, which I have been informed by Sports Ticket and the Organizer and whose details I have learned from the website, I expressly consent to the publication of my information on the pages titled "Registered Participants" and "Competition Results List".