Under Armour Night Runs - September 2024

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Under Armour Night Runs - September 2024
The Night Runs series, which has been organized every year since 2017 and promises the most unforgettable night running experience in Turkey, continues in 2024 with all its excitement under the main sponsorship of Under Armour!

A sparkling night full of fun and sports awaits you with the Under Armour Night Runs, which will take place in Belgrad Forest at two different times of the year!

For detailed information: gecekosulari.com

Under Armour Night Runs - September 2024

web_traffic gecekosulari.com
event_available 14 September 2024 - 18:00
location_on Belgrad Ormanı Neşet Suyu Mesire Alanı / Koşu Parkuru, İstanbul / Türkiye
sports_score Koşu
badge Uzunetap - uzunetap.com


UAGK 6K 750₺
UAGK 12K 750₺