Moonlight Cappadocia 2023

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Moonlight Cappadocia 2023
Are you ready to discover the fascinating valleys of Cappadocia under the moonlight and witness the miracles of nature and history?

Moonlight Cappadocia, which was organized for the first time in 2015 with the cooperation of Uzunetap, Argos Culture and Arts, and offers unforgettable experiences to the participants, will continue in 2023. continues at full speed!

A pleasant walk in the moonlight in the most impressive valleys of Cappadocia, followed by a mini concert that will touch your soul at the Kolonlu Church, awaits you at the event, which will be held on the night of the full moon every month. Moonlight Cappadocia, which will be held in the company of guides, will turn into an unforgettable experience with short breaks, refreshments and concerts at pleasant spots.

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Moonlight Cappadocia 2023

event_available May - October 2023 (Monthly)
sports_score Trekking
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