Çelik Kadın Koşusu 2024

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Çelik Kadın Koşusu 2024
The Steel Women's Race, which has inspired and supported hundreds of women, will offer an unforgettable experience for all women, young and old, with a festival setting that will bring together thousands of sports fans in Istanbul on March 9, 2024.

We Support Women to Rebuild Their Lives with the Steel Woman Run! All participant income of the Steel Women's Run is transferred to the "Women are Rebuilding Life" campaign carried out with the Foundation for the Evaluation of Women's Labor. With this campaign, we aim to help women overcome the difficulties caused by the earthquake by focusing on their economic and social empowerment.

Steel Women's Run carries the energy of a community that has come together to support this meaningful campaign and feels the spirit of sports and solidarity to the fullest. Be a part of this energy, help women rebuild their lives. By participating or supporting the run, you can be a part of touching a woman's life and creating a social change.

For details: celikkadinkosusu.com

Çelik Kadın Koşusu 2024

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6 KM - Women's Running Race 9 March 2024
Campaign Support 9 March 2024